Hunting for Happiness

Modern man has found plenty of ways to be amused, and couples are willing to take advantage of this state of affairs. While hunting used to be the province of men, modern hunting can be joined by women of all ages. The traditional hunt to bring down big game or feed meat to a family is still present, but hunting wild animals with cameras has become popular. While the guides often carry weapons for safety reasons, modern couples tromp through the underbrush in search of a subject willing to be captured with their camera. They are hunting for happiness together in their own way.

It might seem that going on safari is one of the least fun and romantic ventures a couple can undertake, but the love of the outdoors is often one of the commonalities two people can share. They might not appreciate the mosquitoes, but searching for subjects could be an interest that appeals to both of them. Even the thought of the adventures that arise on the trail could give them a feeling of anticipation.

Within a group of humans in the wild, there generally tends to be closeness around the campfire. They eat their food that has been cooked over a fire, and then it is time to tell scary stories. Being with a spouse makes it more fun because they can feel the night pressing in on them, and each of them know the other will be there no matter what happens.

Capturing a series of shots on camera is their stated goal, but walking through the wild as their ancestors did brings them toward each other. Sharing their experiences in a dangerous situation is part of what they seek, and the knowledge they will protect each other from harm is yet another facet of their adventure far from the noise and distractions of civilization.