Tandem Sports

Bicycles built for two has not always been a popular way for couples to have fun, but there are plenty of tandem sports available. Parachutes attached to boats have become a great way for couples to enjoy the scenery up high without jumping out of a plane. Both of them will be able to participate because there is little physical activity involved, and they can have fun pointing out the sites to each other as they move along the shoreline.

It is important for some people to get exercise during their leisure hours, and tandem kayaks are one way to answer that need. Couples might find that going out in two separate vessels means one of them is always waiting for the other, but this need is eliminated when they are a kayak. They can help each other fight their way upstream, and then they can relax and enjoy the sensation of bobbing down the river when it is time to get back to their car and go home.