A Trivia Team

There are plenty of activities for couples to share, but there are times when they may not have time to hit the slopes or enjoy extreme sports as a couple. Some of them could be on the injured list, or they might want to do something different. Spending time with family and friends is always an option, but the pair could wish to find a more intellectual pursuit for their free time. Becoming a trivia team together could be a fun way to get out of the house.

Partners share many things, but it can be healthy for them to have different interests. One person might love watching sports, and they could be completely immersed in it during the season. Their partner, left alone, could decide that indulging their passion for old movies is a good way to deal with being abandoned for the length of the season. Each of them have the time to do what they want, but they are also storing up information as they pursue their separate interests.

Trivia depends upon people remembering things, and those with hobbies are often able to recall small bits of information that may not be considered important by most of the world. A couple with separate interests could find they have an advantage when it comes to playing trivia games, so it could be an excellent way to share their hobbies without participating in them. It can give them extreme pleasure to get the answers correct, and it could draw them closer.

There are times when enjoying separate interests is good for a couple, and there should be little or no guilt attached. Each person is different, and partners need to spend time away from each other to keep their relationship fresh. Applying their separate passions to a shared passion is just another way to make them appreciate each other as they compete against other teams.